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      Characteristics of faults on reservoirs of pre Mesozoic buried hill in northern Tarim basin——by taking the east of Sandaoqiao area as an example
      CAO Yuanzhi, XU Hao, HAN Bo, HAN Qiang
      2020, 34(05): 1-7.
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      Application of seismic maximum likelihood attribute on fault identification in Zhangchang area of Biyang sag
      PEI Xiuxiu
      2020, 34(05): 8-11.
      Abstract PDF
      Division methods of connectivity units of reef beach carbonate reservoirs in Tazhong I gas field
      FAN Peng, ZHENG Xiao, YANG Wenbo
      2020, 34(05): 12-18.
      Abstract PDF
      Distribution and origin of the columnar sag anomalies of Maokou formation in southwestern Sichuan basin
      YANG Liu, ZANG Dianguang, XU Baoliang, DENG Shaoqiang, ZHOU Yuezong, GUO Hongxi
      2020, 34(05): 19-24.
      Abstract PDF
      Geochemical characteristics and cause analysis of crude oil from Yanchang formation in Binchang block, Ordos basin
      LU Cheng
      2020, 34(05): 25-29.
      Abstract PDF
      Influence of azimuth velocity analysis on wide azimuth seismic data processing——Taking the seismic data processing of CY-DZ exploration area in Nanyang sag as an example
      YANG Mengjuan, WANG Lei, SHANG Jianji, LI Bin, WANG Bangzhu, LI Zheng
      2020, 34(05): 30-33.
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      Determination of gas bearing property and lower limit of physical property of sandstone by microscopy fluorescence——by taking Xujiahe formation in Shunan area as an example
      GUO Ruichao, WANG Hao, PU Yalin, LI Yanjun, LONG Hui, SHEN Qiuyuan
      2020, 34(05): 34-38.
      Abstract PDF
      Sedimentary characteristics and favorable exploration facies belts of Yanchang formation Chang-3 member of Xun-Yi block area
      XING Lijuan, ZHANG Zhengqiang, GU Chao, HOU Juan, ZHAO Yingbin, ZHANG Gaoyuan
      2020, 34(05): 39-43.
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      Simulated experimental research on quantity change characteristics of oil and gas microorganisms
      YANG Fan, XU Kewei, GU Lei, NING Lirong, LU Li, SHEN Zhongmin
      2020, 34(05): 44-48.
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      Reservoir sensitivity analysis of the third member of Liushagang formation in X oilfield of Wushi sag
      HUAN Jinlai, YANG Li, DAI Baixiang, GAN Yongnian, WANG Yu
      2020, 34(05): 49-53.
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      Development characteristics and dynamic prediction of near critical reservoirs——By taking Bohai BZ oilfield as an example
      WU Haojun, LIU Hongzhou, WANG Yue, LIU Chao, JIANG Yong
      2020, 34(05): 54-58.
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      Occurrence state and production mechanism of bound water in tight gas reservoirs in western Sichuan depression
      ZHANG Yan, WANG Yongfei, GAO Wei, WANG Qiongxian, LIU Ye
      2020, 34(05): 59-62.
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      Starting mode and tapping potential of micro remaining oil-water drive after polymer flooding——by taking Shuanghe oilfield as an example
      ZHANG Xiaojing, DUAN Qiuhong, SHEN Naimin, LU Jun, ZHANG Lianfeng
      2020, 34(05): 63-68.
      Abstract PDF
      Field test of nitrogen artificial gas cap oil displacement in the small-scale sandstone reservoir with high porosity, high permeability and strong edge water——by taking Chun 22 well block of Chunguang oilfield as an example
      MA Bingbing, BAI Weilong, XIAO Menghua, HU Jing
      2020, 34(05): 69-73.
      Abstract PDF
      Experimental study on feasibility of fire flooding and optimization of operation parameters in heavy oil reservoir with edge and bottom water——by taking J91 block of Liaohe oilfield as an example
      ZHANG Hong
      2020, 34(05): 74-78.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of rock stress sensitivity on steam flooding in unconsolidated sandstone heavy oil reservoir——by taking BZA oilfield as an example
      YANG Xiaoyan, LIU Meijia, ZHANG Bo, ZHAO Hanqiang, LIU Chao
      2020, 34(05): 79-82.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation method of early polymer injection effect in offshore oilfields considering nonNewtonian behavior of polymer and additional seepage resistance
      LIU Fan, WU Xuelin, ZHOU Wensheng, WANG Kai
      2020, 34(05): 83-88.
      Abstract PDF
      Maximum pressure of injection wells over faults in specific well patterns——by taking the well pattern of one injection and three production in Bohai S oilfield as an example
      XU Daming, ZHENG Xu, YANG Bin, ZHANG Fenghong, LIAN Zhengxin
      2020, 34(05): 89-92.
      Abstract PDF
      Application feasibility of the secondary casing program of the gas reservoirs by horizontal wells in Fuxian block
      NIU Sicheng
      2020, 34(05): 93-97.
      Abstract PDF
      Key techniques for drilling and completion of secondary casing program of horizontal wells in Dongsheng gas field
      ZHANG Yongqing
      2020, 34(05): 98-101.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of deviation prevention and correction technology in Yishen-1 well
      SUN Xiaobo
      2020, 34(05): 102-105.
      Abstract PDF
      Research and application of chemical water shutoff technology with high strength and strong thixotropy
      XIAN Hua, WEN Dongliang, DU Yuchuan, ZHANG Xiling
      2020, 34(05): 106-108.
      Abstract PDF
      Optimization of non-stop intermittent pumping system based on big data mining technology——by taking Daqing oilfield as an example
      GAO Xiang, WANG Yunfeng, LIU Haibo
      2020, 34(05): 109-113.
      Abstract PDF
      Experimental evaluation of a formula of plug removal fluid for high argillaceous sandstone reservoirs
      ZHANG Yanlin
      2020, 34(05): 114-117.
      Abstract PDF
      Sand production regularity of unconsolidated sandstone reservoir in Shawan formation of Chunguang oilfield
      LI Chunyun, LIU Hongtao, XIE Yongzhen, MAO Weicheng, LI Zhou, LI Xiaoping
      2020, 34(05): 118-122.
      Abstract PDF
      Development and performance evaluation of profile control agent with high temperature resistant and high strength——by taking Zhuang 75 block in Wuhaozhuang oilfield as an example
      JIANG Tao, ZHANG Jie, TENG Xuewei, HOU Hongtao, XIE Guixue
      2020, 34(05): 123-126.
      Abstract PDF
      2020, 34(05): 127-127.
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